F1 2019: Driving without ABS

F1 2019: ABS waiver increases difficulty-and realism

A ABS allows full braking without blocking the wheels. In racing games such as F1 2019, experienced players do without this aid. There has been no ABS in Formula 1 since 1993. Players who want to experience as much realism as a result are the same way:

  • You can find the ABS in the option menu in the listing of the driving aids.
  • Without ABS, you will notice that if the brakes are too strong, you can no longer control the direction because the wheels block. With the front wheels, this means strong understeer and they miss the corner section.
  • This requires a rethink when approaching curves or brake points.
  • The following applies: the more grip, the later the tires block. In the rain or with strongly crazy tires, the tires block the faster, as there is less grip.
  • The best method is therefore to slow down early and then loosen the brakes. In general, it often does not work to brake into a brake zone with 100 percent; It is better to divide the braking process into several actions if possible, each with very short interruptions.

8 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO IN F1 2019 CAREER MODE * The vehicle setup also plays a role: you can change the brake pressure and thus adapt to your driving style. More pressure means more braking power, but also faster blocking. The right balance is required here - it only helps try it out.

After all, contrary to reality, no so -called "brake boards" are possible in the game, which can result from blocking too strong. It becomes much more realistic and demanding without ABS. The tire wear is also increased in blocked wheels, which affects long -term performance in the race. In the case of ABS, just like with all other driving aids, it applies that it is really worth mastering the car without support.


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