Forget Sony and Microsoft: Embracer Group has 124 Studios and has 230+ games in the works

The Embracer Group is still busy shopping. Just yesterday it became known that the mega company incorporated various new brands and studios that previously belonged to Square Enix. Both the Tomb Raider and Deus ex-brands now belong to the Embracer Group, for example. But that's not all: the conglomerate currently includes 124 developer studios that are supposed to work on over 230 games. The company also plans to buy a lot more other companies.

What is the Embracer Group and how could it grow?

At the latest after the Square Enix deal, many should have become listed and have the name Embracer Group on the screen. However, the company has been growing and thriving for several years and is slowly but surely becoming a serious competition for Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Tencent, Valve, Epic and Co.

The Embracer Group comes from Sweden and originally called Nordic Games. First of all, the market gaps were actively searched for, which could be filled out, such as karaoke games on Nintendo consoles in the late 2000s. Subsequently, new studios and brands were bought up - with which they have simply not stopped.

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This is how the group works: Apparently the Embracer Group specializes in buying companies that are about to be bankrupt or buying brands with which the owners no longer do anything. Both are perfect for breathing in slumbering franchise new life, which of course also met with open ears for many fans.

After buying a wide variety of companies, however, they still have quite free hand. Apparently there is no comprehensive company strategy or a CEO that presents the individual developer studios what exactly they have (as is or was or was, for example,). So far existing deals with publishers are often preserved after the takeover.

Not only video games: Bretting game companies (Asmodee) or comic companies (Dark Horse) are now part of the Embracer Group. With the shopping tour, it does not want to stop for the foreseeable future, but rather continue and, above all, and especially buy studios in the USA, Great Britain, Poland, France and China. The Free2Play market is also on the plan (via: VGC).

These publishers, studios and game brands all belong to the Embracer Group

A total of 124 developer studios are now part of the impressive portfolio of the Embracer Group. They should work on a total of over 230 games, of which at least 30 should be attributed to the AAA area. This is an incredible abundance of studios and games against which both Microsoft's 32 Studios and Sony's 22 studios look pretty pale:

PS4/PS5: All Sony first party studios & your current projects * Xbox: All Microsoft Xbox Game Studios & your current projects *

We give you a rough overview about the most important and best known publishers, studios and game brands here (via Gamespot):

ThQ Nordic

Experiment 101 ( biomutant *)

WIndows 10/8/7 visual studio 2013 update 3,4 (KB2829760) package failed Solution Piranha Bytes ( Elex ) Gunfire Games ( Darksiders, Remnant: From the Ashes ) Black Forest Games ( Destroy All Human ) Grimlore Games ( Spellforce ) Rainbow Studios ( MX vs. ATV *)

Deep Silver

Volition ( Saints Row ) Deep Silver Dambuster Studios ( Homefront: The Revolution ) Free Radical Design ( Timesplitters ) Deep Silver Fishlabs ( Chorus )

Saber Interactive

4a Games ( Metro ) Aspyr ( Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake ) 3D realms ( duke nukem ) Slipgate Ironworks ( GHOSTRUNNER ) Snapshot Games ( Phoenix Point *) * Zen studios (Pinball FX)

Gearbox Entertainment

Gearbox software ( Borderlands , Brothers in Arms) Cryptic Studios ( Star Trek Online , Neverwinter)

In addition, titles such as SatisFactory, Snowrunner, Wreckfest and Deep Rock Galactic, World War was Z or Iron Harvest to the portfolio of the Embracer Group.

from the Square Enix-Deal

The deal has not yet been officially processed, but it shouldn't take long. Then the following studios also belong to the Embracer Group:

Crystal Dynamics ( Tomb Raider, Marvel's Avengers ) Eidos-Montreal ( Deus Ex, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy ) Square Enix Montreal ( Deus Ex, Lara Croft , Hitman Mobilititel) What's next? A new Tomb Raider is definitely coming, many fans also hope for a revival of the Deux ex-series. Then of course there are also rows like Legacy of Kain or Thief, which could be pulled out of the moth box again. Did you have the Embracer Group on the screen? Do you think Sony, Tencent and Microsoft have to dress warmly? *


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