Tsunku ♂, eager for Nintendo's Rhythm Heaven new work. Fan representative, the love of the born parent has never stopped

Mr. Tsunku, an artist and music producer, quoted users tweets that want them to release a new work of Rhythm Heaven for Nintendo Switch. He responded with Really! Mr. Tsunku regularly expresses the love of Rhythm Heaven, and the heat of the request is seen again.

The Rhythm Heaven series is a rhythm game handled by Nintendo. Development started by Mr. Tsunku brought the project to Nintendo (the president asked). In cooperation with the development team of the Made in Wario series, the first work was released for Game Boy Advance in 2006. Later, titles such as Rhythm Heaven Gold, Everyone's Rhythm Heaven, and Rhythm Heavenly The Best+ have been series. However, it has never been heard since the release of Rhythm Heavenly The Best+ in 2015. Tsunku, who can be said to be his creator, has expressed his thoughts on his new work on his Twitter account.

In 2019, Mr. Tsunku expressed his willingness to develop a new Rhythm Heaven, including media articles. He commented that in April 2020, he wanted to feed back to the features he wanted for the new work, and that he would like to launch a new work in July of the same year. He commented last August that he wanted to make a peaceful version, missing the first release. Anyway, he's appealing to make a new work. This comment will be part of that. Tsunku is in charge of planning and producing music in the Rhythm Heaven series. The appeal of how love and heat for the series can be seen from that appeal.

It is unknown why the release of the new Rhythm Heaven has stopped. Rhythm Heavenly The Best+ sells 700,000 copies in Japan alone, which is not a bad figure at the time. The form as a series is made, and Mr. Tsunku also seems to have no problem in starting a new work if he is motivated. On the other hand, the fact that Mr. Tsunku, the player of the series, is appealing in this way is paradoxically not that the series is not moving at this time. If you have made a new work, you will not be able to send such a transmission. In addition, the early staff who created the series is currently active in different works.

First of all, Kazuyoshi Osawa, who was in charge of Chief Director in Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Heaven Gold, cannot confirm his success in staff rolls for a while. Mr. Osawa is a creator who has been involved in the work in a wide variety of things, such as planning, directing, and programs. Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Heaven Gold have been revealed that games were being developed around Mr. Osawa (asked by the president). As far as the staff roll is seen, he seems to have not participated in the development of Nintendo's games at the end of Wii Remote Control Plus.

Sound director Masami Yonemi, who was involved in Everyone's Rhythm Heaven and led Rhythm Heavenly The Best+ as a director instead of Osawa. However, after Rhythm Heavenly The Best+, he participated in Nintendo Switch Training for Adults Training Brain and Soft Atama Juku Tosho Stretching together, and different teams from the Made in Wario system. It seems to be active in.

Rhythm Designer Takashi Takeuchi, whose importance was appealing to Mr. Osawa in the interview, I don't want to be there, and was alive in His Made-in His Wario. However, those who appeared in Rhythm Heaven Gold and were the main members of the small team seemed to have found different places in Nintendo, including Seki today and Takashi Masaoka. It is.

Of course, the game is not made by individuals. It would be possible to make young staff, another development team and subcontracting. However, looking at the absence of Mr. Osawa, who was involved in the core of the series, and that the early members are active in different places, it seems that the new work will not move.

Rhythm Heaven has been very popular in recent years, despite the new work for a while. In addition to the popularity of the game commentary, the younger generation is also recognized by the younger generation, such as making sound MADs and using them as short videos. In this era, Rhythm Heaven seems to have the potential to gain even more popularity with the hardware of Nintendo Switch. Some say that there is no new work, but there may be some reason. The day when Rhythm Heaven, which Tsunku loves and loves fans, will come back.


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