Goku is confirmed as the strongest warrior in the universe

In a very interesting way, the current arch of Dragon Ball Super has played with the idea of the strongest character in the universe. Although everything could indicate that Gas has this assured title, especially after his desire, it seems that at the end of the day, is Goku who is still the strongest warrior of the universe .

Beyond During chapter 85 of the dragon ball super manga it was possible to see Goku with a new version of the ultra instinct, which uses the concept of Saiyan pride of Bardock. In this way, Kakaroto momentarily managed to exceed gas power , who became the strongest warrior in the universe through a desire. This was what our protagonist commented:

It seems that I am barely stronger than you now. But I do not have much time. Let's do this.

Not only his new transformation could disappear at any time, but Gas has a further letter, and that this villain still has a transformation. Thus, Goku became the strongest fighter in his universe, but only in a momentary way.

With chapter 86 of dragon ball super planned for the following week , it is only a matter of time to see how strong gas is actually, and if Goku and company can overcome this fearsome villain. In related issues, this was Goku's epic moment in manga. Similarly, Fortnite would have a collaboration with this anime.


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