Razer Deck not Stream Deck? Announced Razer Stream Controller to simplify the operation during distribution

The gaming device maker Razer has announced the Razer Stream Controller handy device for streakers and content creators.

Razer Stream Controller is equipped with customizable touch screen, buttons, and dials, and by freely allocating functions to them, you can easily access the operation during distribution and shortcuts during content creation. 。 The 12 touch keys that are integrated with the screen also have a tactile feedback. You can download icons such as shortcuts from more than 80 presets, and you can also create them yourself.

In addition to accessing shortcuts and functions, it is possible to adjust multiple audio channels by installing six tactile (touch) analog dials, and switching the shortcut preset with eight buttons installed at the bottom of the screen. You can also execute frequently used actions.

In addition, it also has a function to send a shortcut page by swiping the touch screen, and a function that automatically switches the profile according to the detected application. It can be said that it is a specification that can reach itchy places.


Razer Stream Controller is a product that has been tagged with the editorial controller manufacturer Loupedeck, and uses Loupedeck Software for control. Plugins and profiles can also be downloaded with this software.

According to the official store, the price is 39,880 yen (tax included). According to Razer's account for Japan, domestic release is also scheduled.


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