[Demonstration] Endless Dungeon, this time Tower+Real -time Defense

Amplit Studio, famous for its developers such as endless space series, endless legend, and human car, visited the Gamescom site with its new 'Endless Dungeon'. Like the previous work, Dungeon of Endless, the set of spaceships was wrecked while heading to the planet auriga, but this time it was different that the space station was not a dungeon of the planet.


Initially, it was introduced to keep the crystal and prevent the enemy to be pushed like a water, so the nose opprise will be reminiscent at first glance without prior knowledge of the series. Nevertheless, as the word 'dungeon', the stage also changed, but it was the key to breaking through the unknown areas of the space station leading to the log. After the development company briefly explained the situation that could be mistaken as the phrases that introduced the initial direction spread, the demonstration version was introduced in earnest.

※ On-site shooting was limited at the request of the developer

Even in the endless dungeon, the important point is 'Tower'. Like the previous Dungeon of Endless, when the crystal is destroyed, the game ends, so the goal is to move to the space station elevator safely to go to the lowest floor. However, if the enemy suddenly started to be pushed out of the moment the crystal was lifted, this time the enemy appeared every time the door leading to the next section.

In preparation for enemy waves, the core itself was the same, and the core itself was the same as the enemies that continued to be pushed back and forth near Crystal and each tower. It was also a point that resource production did not happen until the door to the next section was opened. If you actually did the previous work, you are used to it, but it is also an element that you have to be embarrassed to see that you can't charge it even if you press resource production on the module.

However, unlike the previous work, the tower and team members were placed in different positions on the turn-based base, and this time, it was different that this time, this time, this time, in real time shooting, fighting against the enemy. There is also a shortcut to return to the crystal as much as you can walk around in real time, so you can be more freely colored, and you can bring the enemy in real time and drive it to the corner and replace the team members immediately and blow them into the wide area.

However, it is not a composition of allies as before, and every time the area is widened, the number of monsters in real time has increased, and the area to be defended has been widened, and every wave has to be busy. Fortunately, the height of moving directly to the crystal position exists, but if the enemy is approaching the crystal, it means that it is dangerous if you do not go and clean up quickly.

The layout of the 'Tower', which reduces the enemy as much as possible in the middle path, was as important as its predecessor. In the demonstration version, there were three types of turret turrets that delayed the enemy, and the turret to increase the ability of allies. It was also possible to install with limited resources within the designated section, so it was necessary to think about how to place the combination so that allies could be able to get the minimum damage and prevent the enemy efficiently. In addition, it has changed in real time, but since resource production or upgrades are not immediately, tactical know-how that uses resources as efficiently as possible until it is supplied.

In addition, the map changes every time, the upgrade or merchant's position is changed, and when it dies, it is faithful to the loglike configuration that starts from the beginning, and then we will see the momentary judgment and control of determining the control and tower arrangement. If you are a cooperative play, you will be able to take on the area, such as taking charge of the area, and gathering them.

In the case of AI, the game where four characters work together, including the nature of the game, can be difficult compared to the game they play al1. The problem that can cope alone is that four people do not mean. Previously, if the turn-based elements of the turn-based factor of the tower, unit layout, and turn management, this time, the elements of the action, which required rapid control and terms, became stronger. Although it is not a composition of action, the design is designed to ensure safety only if you cut the enemy quickly and diligently walk around the tower from the crystal.

In addition, even with team combinations that consider each character's characteristics, 'Endless Dungeon' is based on the 'endless' series, even though it is a real-time combat base. In addition, it feels that the unique difficult tactical strategy is strengthened with the real-time element, from the enemy to make fun of the hands. On the other hand, there is a risk of low access because it is hardcore, and it may be the key to the future of the endless dungeon to overcome it and put the system on the skeleton.


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