Do you need Dupes in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

Duplicates are a quite common cause of concern for many Paycha players, especially for F2P players who do not necessarily want to spend money. And if you are wondering if you need deceived to succeed in Tower of Fantasy this is what you need to know.

Tower of Fantasy is a new Open World Gacha game of Level Infinite and Hotta Games, and yes, here is a deception system. However, it may not be as terrible as you think. Let's enter it.

Do you need Dupes in Tower of Fantasy?

To simplify things, If you really want to reach the top of the PVP classification tables in Tower of Fantasy, then you will definitely need duplicates for your weapons. . However, you can erase almost all the PVE content without having to cheat. .


Similar to the constellation system in Genshin Impact, your weapons will get new advantages as you cheat. For example, the Nightingale’s Feather arch will get an impulse in its base attack and head shooting damage when you make your second and third victim. If you continue, you will even unlock the ability to inflict serious damage to your goals with dodge skills.

All that sounds quite crazy, and it is, especially when you are getting into the PVP content. However, the weapons you get in Tower of Fantasy are perfectly usable and adequate for PVE content at their basic level. If PVE is going to be your main approach, then you don't have to worry about deception at all.

How to advance weapons with duplicates

Then, he has decided that he will maximize a weapon taking out copies duplicate from her. The next thing you want to do is improve your weapons. Here is how to do it:

* Press ESC to open the menu, then select weapons.

* Choose the weapon you want to update, then click update.

* Select the advance option.

* Click the button that says advance.

This will cost 500 gold and also consume the element of the fusion core you obtained by getting a duplicate.

After that, everything is ready. Your weapon will turn on and you will feel a little more special than the dirty F2P masses.

That is all you need to know about if you need duplicate in Tower of Fantasy . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including our list of weapons levels.

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