Survival rogue ADV Hatena no Tower -THE TOWER OF CHILDREN- that sets it apart from existing works [Bitsummit x

Bitsummit, which was held from August 7 to August 8, 2022, was celebrating its 10th anniversary and became an annual game exhibition in Okuto Kyoto. This writer will pick up the works that were interesting from the business day and the two-day open day of the public.

In this article, we will introduce the survival rogue ADV Hatena Tower-THE TOWER OF CHILDREN , which is different from existing works in the exhibited works.

In the same genre, a wide variety of works have already appeared, starting with Slay The Spire . This work is scheduled to be published by Shueisha Games, which is backed up by Shueisha, but I decided to play a demonstration while focusing on what is different from the existing work.

Original fun to think by fighting and groping in real time

In this work, children living on the Hatena tower, which are at the end of the world, seek the mystery of food and tower, and go down the inside. The children will go through the tower as they are guided by the mysterious voice and aim for the ground while fighting and searching.

There are five children who will go inside the tower, and they will choose two of them and go inside the tower. The child has a fixed card deck, and we will search for the combination of the two cards selected. In the product version, the number of children who can choose further will increase, and in the demonstration, it has narrowed down to five people who are easy to understand in terms of difficulty.

The battle progresses in real time, and the enemy's action timing is always known, and it is a bit of an action element, such as something happens when you just defend it with the attack. Because it is real-time, the deck in the above combinations is limited, and the card in the deck can always be shuffled and used. 。

When I talked to the producer of this work, I was inspired by the fighting game I was produced in the previous work, and it has been greatly differentiated from existing works by providing a design based on action elements and real-time battles.... apparently...

In addition, the tutorial has become more generous in the progress, and rather than guiding the steps, the minimum is that you do not show too much hints like a traditional work, but to find out various results by groping. It is said that it is in the tutorial. However, it was said that the balance was adjusted so that the story could be enjoyed first instead of increasing the difficulty.

The demonstration on display was finished in about 10 minutes to be conveyed in the world view and system of this work, and the impression that it was the most beautifully organized work that I tried through two days.

He said that the balance adjustment was the hardest now due to the inflation of the story, but it was quite encouraging to respond to the user's reaction at the venue, so if debugs worked well, it will be released in winter 2022. It seems to be planned. He said that he would like to give a trial version as a producer, and before the release of the product, he said, I wish I could put it out.

During the play, I was worried that the word Hatena was emphasized and noticeable, but the word itself also had a great meaning. I'm really worried about the Hatena part, but I would like to wait for the release slowly.


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