Valorant: Riot reveals his plan for the new competitive system and adds a very controversial clause

Shroud Riot Games had made public its intentions to renew the competitive system of Valorant in the face of the 2023 season. The developer's eSports division revealed a few months ago the first details of this transformation and its ambitious plan to create three International leagues throughout the world in which teams from several continents will face themselves very common. A great announced that it gave rise to great expectations in the community and from which the company has now wanted to offer new details. To do this, they have added new information about the highest level leagues and the second step of the competition .

An ambitious long-term plan for Valorant competitive

The major international leagues will begin with 10 teams selected by Riot Games that will become part of a long-term agreement that ensures its presence in the maximum competitive step, at least, the end of the year 2027 (without possibility of descending). However, the system will not be static. The competition will increase places every year with the aim that a team can ascend from the regional leagues. To do this, he will have to win a championship against the best clubs on his continent. This format does not involve major changes in Europe, which already had a similar system throughout 2022.

The strange thing about the new Riot Games format comes with the teams that ascend. Even if the club has earned its presence in the league through sports merit, its presence at the highest competitive level will be two years regardless of the results obtained. Citing the company's statement: The teams that ascend will have the opportunity to demonstrate their worth against the rest of the international league teams during the VCT season, they will receive similar benefits and the same opportunities to qualify for global events such as Masters and the Champions. After these two years, the teams will return to their leagues to rethink the way towards glory in the challengers and ascent tournaments.

Surely, Riot Games's decision for the future of Valorant will create controversy. While the partner clubs of the developer may not go down category after being in the lowest positions of the classification, an ascended could make two dream seasons and have to return to the Challengers circuit (current regional leagues). In spite of everything, from the company they seem to have considered it the best possible model to maintain fresh competition and offer clubs a stability that allows the tactical shooter to grow .


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