All inventions in The Outbound Ghost

The Outbound Ghost is a colorful story about death and help to other ghosts to find comfort. This role-playing game combines the familiar features of the Paper Mario and Pokémon series, especially in the battle, which uses fiction. This can make you ask you what fictions are and how many of them are in The outbound ghost.


List of illustrations of outgoing ghost

You have to face many figures, each of which has its own characteristics. History , personality as well as abilities . It will take some experiments to find the right combination for your game style. There are many combinations * you can create, so try them all. Here are all the fictions in The Outbound Ghost.

  • Regret
  • Che's
  • Partnership
  • Loneliness
  • Ad
  • Anger
  • Trust
  • jealousy
  • Anger
  • Control
  • Corruption
  • Cynicism
  • Deception
  • detachment
  • Fear
  • Fraud
  • Kleptomania
  • Loyalty
  • Marvel
  • mockery
  • Pride
  • Siphon
  • Slave
  • Sick
  • Manipulations
  • indignation
  • Push off
  • Swagger
  • spoilage
  • BOL
  • Doubt
  • Greed
  • Refusal
  • Li grow

What are the fictions in The Outbound Ghost?

Figures Remains from Emotions You would have experienced in life. They appear as called perfumes similar to the Pokémon that you use in combat against phenomena. Each of them has a unique set of skills and the style of the game, and they can be combined to create powerful synergies and combo.

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