Genshin Impact Vimana AGAMA Guide to the world tasks of the first chapter - VIMANA AGAMA

Vimana Agama: The first chapter is the first part of the chain of local tasks of the same name. It all starts on Mount Devantaka, where you meet Ararican, Aranar, afraid of bad people.

How to unlock the world line of Viman Agama tasks in Genshin Impact

To unlock this local task, you first need to complete the first task in Araniaak: Part II-Children's Dreams Questine Line called World of Aranar. This will unlock Vanaran in the northwestern part of the tropical forests to the pile and will allow you to switch between the real and imaginary vanarana. You will also receive a quest item called Araniaak .

Go to the Quest Item section in Inventory and select Aranyaka. Click read to open a book with a detailed description of your trip with Araran. On the first tab select in and click go . A blue exclamation mark will immediately appear on the world map, indicating the place where you can take Viman Agama: the first chapter local task, launching a comprehensive chain of tasks.

How to complete the world ruler of Viman Agama's tasks in Genshin Impact

Pressing enter Araniaak, head to the blue exclamation sign on the mountain of Devantac, where you will meet Aranara named Ararikan . After talking with him, you need to explore a strange place several times.

Follow the selected area on a mini-card to find a luminous study point with which you need to interact in order to fulfill the target of the quest. The second luminous spot next to the ruin dragon will lead you to a cave where you must use four-leaf presses to pass.

In the end, you will collide with hidden point of the teleport near the final location of this goal of the quest. Be sure to activate it to make it easier to return later. As soon as this is done, use four-leaf seals to head to the nearest quest marker, where you will find a person named ??? inside the giant core of the ruble grader. After interaction with him, he will present like jazari .

After talking with Jazari, return to the track point of the teleport to talk with Ararican, then return to Jazari with the help of a four-leaf press to continue the conversation.

As soon as this is done, follow the marker of the quest in the port of Ormos, where you will find an old man named Royindzhan. Talk to him to complete the local task and immediately proceed to the next part of the chain of tasks called Viman Agama: Head of Royindzhan .


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