Representative Cho Kye -hyun apologizes for the lack of operation of Umamusume

Cho Kye-hyun, CEO of Kakao Games, left an apology for a series of events through the official community of Umamus Me Pretty Derby.

Representative Cho Gye-hyun posted an apology on the 3rd at 2:56 am ** Umamusume customers. Mr. Cho said he knew it was not enough to restore lost trust and deep disappointment with the public apology alone.

There are four major promises in this apology: ▲ Strengthening communication with customers, guidance on the issue of goods, ▲ why the update notice is delayed, and improves functions such as localization and alarms.

Mr. Cho said that for users who feel frustrated with the existing way of communication, he will strengthen the existing consecration & error bulletin boards and respond directly to the parts that can be answered directly, and to check as soon as possible through the developer. In addition, the goods payment will also be reviewed to be paid at the most necessary time for users to feel.

The late announcement, such as Champions Meeting, where pre-information delivery is important, apologized again and promised to improve. Sorry for the unclear dialect of the dialect, he said that the Ota, which interferes with immersion, will also be recognized and solved as a big problem.

Mr. Cho promised to review from the customer's point of view and to maintain the business method in all areas. He also mentioned the relocation of the employees who were found and the service renewal through the full retraining of all representatives.

On the day, the apology was registered by Cho Kye-hyun's name, unlike the previous apology team, and the name of the user was referred to as a customer instead of a trainer.

Meanwhile, game users had previously demanded communication with Kakao Games and held a protest with wagons, and recently prepared a refund lawsuit against users. On the 2nd as the situation spread, Lee Sang-heon and a private planner left their opinions on the system supplementation of game users.

Below is the specialty of the announcement published on the 3rd.

hello. This is Kakao Games representative Cho Gye-hyun.

We have given us a lot of inconvenience and disappointment to our customers with the lack of operation of the domestic service of Umamus Me Pretty Derby. I reflect on this and lean on my head.

I know that apologies in the form of an in the meantime are not enough to restore the lost confidence and deep disappointment. So, in this way, through this article, I apologized to the customers who loved the Umamusme Pretty Derby I would like to make a promise to future plans.

First of all, I would like to talk about communication with customers. I promised a better notice through an apology, but I still want to make up for this because I can still feel frustrated with the way of communication.

As a result, we reinforced the existing 'suggestion & error bulletin board', and we can answer what we can answer. We will be able to inform you as soon as possible by checking the developer.

Second, I will talk about the issue of goods payments.

As a result of checking the work history, based on the experience of previous Japanese services in the localization process, In the process of accepting the advice of the Saigats, the payment of the goods was partially adjusted. I think it's an inexperienced issue because the total payment goods are the same. As a result, we are deeply reflecting on the loss and disappointment of our customers.

The most important core of the service is to provide appropriate goods at the time you need. In the future, all goods will be reviewed to be paid in the right amount at the most necessary time for customers.

However, because Umamusume provides services to various countries and regions, The total payment of goods that can affect other countries is a matter that both companies must agree to. Please understand this limit.

Third, I will tell you about the late update notice.

We wanted to apply the improvement first, but we wanted to apply the improvement as much as possible. I missed the important parts that I paid attention to in Japanese services like a notice schedule.

Like the Champions Meeting, the preliminary notice of updates is delayed. It is difficult for customers to prepare for the coming Champions Meeting schedule. This makes us disappointed.

We will clearly investigate why the notice is delayed, and when the announcement should be delayed, even though it should have delayed the update, and we will not change the update schedule and will not happen again in the future.

In addition to the Champions Meeting, various announcements were needed to communicate with customers, I apologize for not because of the time of consultation. Currently, we are preparing in various ways to speed up the notice to solve the questions of our customers. I will show you better in the future.

Fourth, I will talk about improving functionality such as localization and alarm.

In the localization process, I had to translate the language so that customers could feel the fun of the game as much as possible. I am very sorry that the standards for localization of dialect are unclear, and we are very sorry that we did not find the right translation direction. It is also a big problem that a large number of typos that interfere with immersion in the content have been found.

As I mentioned in the previous notice, I will try not to have a wrong typo. In addition, we will do our best to fill the emptyness that customers can feel with more ideas. In addition, the alarm message will be applied as soon as possible as the previous announcement.

Despite all these promises and commitments, we are deeply awkward that it is difficult to recover easily. The contents of the current service and the contents to be updated in the future are reviewed again from the perspective of customers. We will reorganize the company's work method. In addition, by closely evaluating the work records on this situation Employees who have been found to find the fundamental renewal of the service by relocating their work and completely retraining for all representatives.

I would like to express my deepest apology that gave us a deep disappointment to our customers. We will do our best to check and get better.

Kakao Games CEO Cho Kye-hyun


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