Tamanin series new work Tamanin GOGO! publication. Title calls that can be read out with a good pronunciation

GREMORY Co., Ltd., which is developing and distributing games for smartphones, will be the latest work of the Taman Shinnin series on September 5, vs. Gomin GOGO! ] The teaser site was released. It will be released this fall for Android/iPhone.

Three The Tamanin series is a series of adult games released by the game maker Lilith. It is a fantasy adventure depicting the endless conflict of the demon, featuring an attractive character and a unique style that draws fascinating characters and those characters. Related works are popular content that counts more than 10 when combined with spin-offs, and from its popularity, media mixes such as comics and video works are also being developed. However, in recent years, all-age works have appeared, and their popularity is high (partially).

In the teaser video released this time, it is displayed as new vs. Ninobu is born, but immediately after that, you can hear the sad shout of I do not want to be a magic Shinobu. And like a Hollywood movie trailer, it is read out as Tamanin GOGO with an English native voice. I don't know the detailed specifications of the game, but it can be imagined that some big incidents will occur.

The official website has a slight transparency of madness, and a mysterious countdown is listed in the center. Calculation that will be 0 at 9 am on the 12th. In addition, an official Twitter account and a LINE account are also available, and it seems that the latest information will be sent from there.

Following these announcements, expectations have been received as early as YouTube. From the word go contained in the title, some people, like Pokemon GO, predicted that it would be a game that would walk around the city and catch the magical Shinobu. If so, it's terrible.

At the moment, I don't even know the game genre or distribution start date, but there is only one important information. That is, this work will be distributed in the Google Play Store and App Store. It is too natural for ordinary app games to be too conscious, but this fact has a significant meaning in the Tamanin series. Because the Google Play Store and his AppStore are not usually distributed. In other words, it is a general game that can be distributed in those stores. This work is likely to be a smartphone vs. magic for all ages following the smartphone game application Action vs. Demon Shin released in 2019.

Tamanin GOGO! Will be released this fall for Android/iPh1. Let's look forward to the next information lifting.


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