Create the game boy of your dreams with Retro Gadgets, a game in which you are the inventor

Years eighty, Junta Yoko gives the latest brushstrokes to an idea that h been in the hands for some time: the Game Boy portable console. More than three decades later, building your own portable console is a possibility thanks to Retro Gadgets, a title that will allow players to create functional devices such the mythical Nintendo portable .

Evil Licorice, a developer formed by Studio Evil and Marco Pancake (creator of Kingdom), h announced that the title will be available at some time of 2022 exclusively for PC, via Steam.

A custom device

The video game uses an intuitive interface so that users integrate buttons, switches, dials, joysticks and other utensils , which combined intelligently can result in interesting inventions. It is integrated into Steam Workshop, so it will be possible to download, inspect and tear with reverse engineer any project shared by other community members. This also serves learning to know from within the operation of the machines.

It h been incredible to see how Retro Gadgets went from being a bic prototype to an incredible game in less than two years, said Marco Pancake. We have already overcome my initial vision of the game and we have not yet explored all its potential. I hope the community helps us to do that!


Luca Marched, from the study, added the following: I never had fun playing one of my games. I can't stop doing gadgets , and I still have a lot of ide about functions to add Retro Gadgets. One of those games that you start playing in the afternoon and suddenly, is made by day. I know that our users will surprise us with incredibly creative devices!

Players with programming knowledge will have the opportunity to use Lua, so that they can create from consoles to calculators , through other more curious gadgets such weather stations. Once exported, they can be used on the PCs.


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