Destiny 2 - Treasure Map according to rumors, explanation

Rumored RRR! In a season dedicated to pirate production and buried treasures, rumors about treasures may be the best option. There are rumors that your team onboard Tech Spider knows about some treasure that may not be on any maps or stellar maps. So run the Destiny 2 and put part of this reputation in your pirate team to get a chance to get more prey in this science fiction twin-brewer.

What is a map of treasures according to rumors in Destiny 2?

A map of rumors about treasures is an improvement that can be obtained on a star map in Helm. After unlocking, it gives the following effect: Once a week you can use a treasure map that rumors about you. . Then it can be inserted for free into the captain's atlas and get a buried treasure at the end of the expedition.

The community is not enthusiastic about this, but, frankly, partly their merit is that they built in their heads what it actually would do. The expedition may not be as good as the menagerie for prey, but this is not so terrible. Thus, this update should not have hidden a big secret. He does what he says: your teammates can find a chest with treasures once a week, instead of putting your resources into it. In addition, those who are looking for a more real treasure hunt will be much better to pursue the Cryptic Quatrains card fragments.

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