DPS in Overwatch 2: characters and everything you should know to destroy all your enemies

The role of dps in the RPG games is the most widespread and that all players learn first. Their responsibilities are relatively simple compared to tanks and support: destroy everything that is put in front so that the tank and support can do their job. Overwatch 2 is no exception, so I tell you what are the DPS characters and how to handle them to destroy your enemies.

DPS in Overwatch 2: Search and destroy

The function of the DPS is to eliminate enemy players. The role is very easy to fulfill, although that does not mean that you do not have responsibilities or is not complex. Within the role there are several functions according to the hero you decide to choose. Before starting to tell you everything you should know, I present you to the cast of characters:

What should a DPS do during the games?


To be an effective DPS you must meet three unavoidable conditions:

Know the type of DPS that you choose and it's positioning in the game. Know what are the character skills and how to chain them. Know Prioritize * What enemies kill.

Let's start with the first point: types of DPS. There are*3 3 DPS Subcategories that include directly in the way of playing them:

Ninjas or Runners *: Its place is after/among the enemy ranks. They are fast, lethal and their function is to flan to bother/distract enemies so that the team progresses. In this subcategory, Genii, Pharaoh, Reaper, Shadow and Tracer enter. Second line : Its place is behind the tank and in front of the support. They must take advantage of the coverage of the tank to harm the enemies and attract their attention so that the ninjas do their job. In this subcategory, Bastion, Echo, Junk rat, Ma, Sojourn, Soldier 76, Symmetry and Torsion enter. Shirts : Its place is behind the third battle line (support) and exceptionally they can be in the second line. Their weapons and skills allow them to harm much further. In this subcategory, Ashe, Cassidy, Heinz and Widow maker enter.

Within these subclasses there are more or less offensive heroes. For example: Genii and Heinz are more useful heroes in the attack, while Symmetry, Torsion and Bastion are more useful in defense.

It doesn't matter what subcategory of DPS choose. In any case, you must know perfectly the character's weapons and skills. If you meet the first two points, go to the most complex point of the DPS.

DPS should know how to prioritize

Certainly, the work of a DPS is to kill... but not in any way. There is a line of priorities that you must take into account according to the subclass you use:

  1. SUPPORTS : If you remove the ability to cure, the entire team will fall in a short time. The ninjas (especially these) and shooters must go for the support as if they were a tracking missile, even if it involves dying. Depriving the opponent of healing will make them fall rapidly.
  2. Tank : While the heroes of the second line wear out the tank shields and abilities, ninjas and shooters (especially the latter) must be prepared to destroy the tank next to the second-line heroes. If you are a ninja, be very careful to approach the tanks because it will destroy you.
  3. DPS : Once you end the support or tank, the DPS will easily fall. They are the least valuable because a tank and support can continue to function (even hard) without DPS, but the DPS rarely work without the other two classes.

This priority line is orientation. DPS mustaddress the instructions * of tanks and support, which must point out what characters are more annoying to kill them as soon as possible. They are usually enemy ninjas.

If you want to be DPS, you must improve your lethality and be willing to receive orders from other players. If you are a veteran, it helps the other DPS to read the game to anticipate the enemy and that both tank and support do not have problems.

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