FIFA 23: That's why you see your top

Such an instance, as an example, was shared by Reddit user Playboy. He posted a photo of the Brazilian gamer Antony in FIFA 23, that really didn't appear like the typical Antony.

In FIFA 23 it can take place that you unexpectedly discover gamers in your teams-or the opponent-who look really different from duty models.

India 23 Some gamers are shocked: Several of their stars no more appear like. What is taking place?

I was disappointed that Antony had not obtained a face scan, yet now he looks like that? What? The shocked player writes (via Reddit).

it's simply a phase

The Antony is just one of numerous players where you can find a hair and also eyebrow-free face in Ultimate Team. It swiftly noticed right here, due to the fact that Antony is a very prominent player in FIFA 23.

An additional example is Rafael Lead. The outdoor gamer from AC Milan is additionally a popular card in starter teams as well as currently looks like this if you use it in Ultimate Team:

An instance of this was, for instance, Marco Reus, that looked entirely incorrect in FIFA 23 a good 3 weeks earlier (via Reddit), today resembles his actual function design again.

The entirely common heads, which they are now revealing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, are an indicator that this is now transforming: In the past, such faces often showed up amongst gamers whose look was about to update.

So it ought to just be a phase in which these players look as they look. You must reveal your actual face shortly.

India 23 Some players are surprised: Some of their celebrities no much longer look like.

In this case, it is not a mistake in FIFA 23, yet instead a transition phase. FIFA 23 irritated with some mistakes in recent weeks.

Antony and also Rafael Lead have not become part of it so much and each had faces that were at the majority of based on their actual look.

I was disappointed that Antony had not obtained a face scan, however currently he looks like that? The shocked gamer writes (by means of Reddit).

During updates, the FIFA 23 spot notes constantly discover the indication that Star People have been updated-but not which. This must proceed to occur repeatedly in the future-so it is possible that you will walk right into such faces more frequently.

Why does this modification of face show up? In FIFA 23 there are some players that have gotten a face scan and reveal their actual face in FIFA 23.


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