LOL - Worlds 2022: G2 and Europe suffer a lesson of historical humility, and also by Na

When the World League of Legends championship started, European fans believed that it would have a lot to do to see our representatives play. It is his thing with the change of time due to the distance between the old continent and New York, a city where the Worlds group phase is being held.

But the reality is that today G2 eSports dressed in Sunni, those nice puppets that sent children to sleep a few years ago on Spanish Television. With a defeat before arriving even at 10 at night in front of nothing more and nothing less than evil geniuses, the club belonging to LEC was left with hardly any options to pass group. Only a historical crushing would save the situation for a G2 that did not even have options.

G2 didn't even compete

At minute eight starting, G2 was already lost by 2k of gold and 0-4 on the Kills score. At 13, the economic difference had been bent, and two more murders were added to the North American club locker. There was no kill by Europeans until minute 27, which was also the perfect bait to extend and fall into a massive fight; Just what Geniuses wanted.

G2 We are talking about a statistical aberration in which the character that made the most damage to the European team was the Broken blade Oran ; All evidence of how loose that was the departure of the two main carries of G2. But if you have to point out someone, you have to do it with targets and his inability to give more than one hook with Thresh throughout the game, and Janos, which was directly invisible and its impact during the encounter was similar to that of a monster neutral.

Evil Geniuses did not even have to take advantage of a composition with combinations as powerful as the popular Lucian-Nami, or the Hectorim-Shen initiation combo. G2 was not up to the mechanical plane, no longer to make bulk mistakes, but for not even to develop their plan or style of any game . They were compares who just tried to delay the game or avoid being killed.

Europe suffers a lesson of humility

It could have been worse, because G2 Esports has not been eliminated from the tournament with this defeat. But it is necessary that both Damon Kia and JDG come, and that Damon does not add more than one victory today. A very complicated company if we attend to the purely statistical reasons, but that if we also add to the calculation the terrible sensations of the European club, it is directly a utopia.

A shot in the foot of Hercules proportions, but that leaves us another additional fact. So far this tournament, LEC has lost 5 of the 8 games he has played against the American LCS. A change of worrying trend, not so much because the eternal rival on the other side of the Atlantic has uploaded their benefits, because that is clear that it has not happened.


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