Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, Shin Battlefield Al Mazra details disclosure

Call of Duty series's next-generation free battle royal game, Call of Duty: Call of Duty®: CARBONE ™ 2.0, Heron 2.0, with the day after day, November 17 (Korea time) Players' interest in Al March, a new battlefield that will be the stage of the survival competition in War Zone 2.0, is rising.

■ Al Mara setting

Located in West Asia, the Republic of Adam is a small country that belongs to the birthplace of the world's civilization. Al May, the capital of the Adam Provincial Republic, is a strategic hub and a rich resource that enables the prosperity of thousands of BC. As can be seen in the ancient architecture around the city, Al Mara's origin dates back to the era of many great empires in history.

Unfortunately, there is a border dispute in modern Adam Republic to monopolize regional advantages. On the coast, which is more natural than anywhere else, there is a huge international trade, which leads to the fight of overseas powers who want to occupy this place even at the sacrifice of local residents.

New Battle Royal Battlefield Al Maya Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 2022 (Modern Warfare® II, Modern Warfare II 2022) A combat space that covers the southernmost cities and suburban areas of the Adam Republic in the worldview in the worldview Put it.

■ Al Maura's main interest area

One. Oasis: Many clean fountains and palm trees provide a resting place in the desert. You can see the ancient ruins that were the old life of life.

2. Tara Village: The Tara Village, which was once peaceful, has now turned into a ruin. Due to the cramped region, it provides a small team battle, especially a 1: 1 game.

3. Rohan Oil: A well-established business, the largest businessman in the neighborhood, is strategically located near the oldest oil tower in Adam. It is necessary to pay attention to the residential districts from the north to the south and the factory that extended in the other direction.

4. Quarry: The quarry, which has a huge amount of limestone, is one of the three largest industrial areas of Al Mara. It is full of dozens of warehouses and hundreds of carved stone.

5. Al March City: In the center of Al Mara, where Adam's history of 100 years has been concentrated, high-rise buildings and modern buildings are the largest areas of the region. The place, which was planned as an ideal city, boasted a million people, but now most of them have been pushed into slums in the suburbs.


6. Hydroelectric: The area of civilization, the area of civilization, is emerging in modern times with renewable energy. Surrounding the river where the whole region needs, there are historical landmarks, residential facilities of the last century, and modern industrial buildings.

7. Marshlands: The wetland was the place where the River Diamond Luxury Resort was once luxurious. But now, the water level of the river has been filled with rivers where the entire wetlands are flooded and trash from the city.

8. Caves: In the cave in front of a small village where the plane crashed, deep underground hideouts are hidden like a maze. There are high communication towers and small residential districts in the surroundings.

9. Observatory: At the top of the highest mountains in Al Mara, there are several dome-shaped structures, including a broken building, and are used to observe the constellation. Pay attention to the research institutes between each observatory building.

10. Al Sharif Pass: Old monasteries and cemetery are looking at modern villages and zoos. There are many modern buildings on the hills, but they are partially destroyed by rain winds and wars.

11. Akbar Village: To borrow a writer, it is an old village that suits the battle. The central courtyard is selected as a World Heritage Site, and in half the west, there is a market area and a modern apartment to the east.

12. SA'id City: A large modern shopping mall is located side by side with the old apartments where port workers live from generation to generation. In this area, you can see the medieval festival streets and small league football stadiums.

13. Port: The port is the economic center of Al Mara, and the pipeline of one oil extends towards the sea. There are many huge warehouse buildings on the inland side, but containers are short of international economic sanctions on the port side.

14. Sarah Village: The coastal village, which was once flourished, was locked in the water due to the high sea level, and a broken cargo ship was abandoned.

15. Cemetery: This majestic cemetery is now abandoned and no longer managed, and dozens of tombs have been submerged by the collapsed water tower. Only broken stone walls are exposed to rainy winds.

16. Tariff Bay: The center of fishing, it retains the history of Adam and Al Mara. The vibrant downtown area is located with suburban villages, modern resorts, and a few small islands.

17. Al Agra Fortress: This castle, which proves the medieval history of the region, was a museum that symbolized cultural importance until it was occupied. Pay attention to a large factory lined with the east end adjacent to Sharif Bay.

18. Airport: The modern airport, at the southern end of Al Mara, is combined with traditional and modern architecture. The control tower located near the sea is very accessible.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 2022 can be played via PlayStation® 5, PlayStation® 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and on PCs on® and Steam. In ten days after its launch, it has surpassed $1 billion (about KRW 1.39 trillion) around the world, making it record popular all over the world, with a completely new free battle royal experience, Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 launch. It is expected to continue. For more information on the Call of Duty series, visit the official Facebook and official YouTube channels.


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