Esland: the categories we would like to see at the GREFG Awards gala; Best editor, cm.

With the arrival of the Island next January , There has wanted to trust the community that can choose their streamers of Twitch and YouTube favorite as this year's gala nominees in Mexico. From better streamer to the best series of the year, many can be seen represented in which sections. But it is true that there was still knowing if there were going to be more changes, since there were still some details and see new awards.

So it was; Through Reddit we could know that also we are looking to add new sections , so from MGG we wanted to add and/or propose four that we believe necessary for the awards due to the importance, rigor and adaptation to what is the creation of content in general.

Best editor

One of the categories that I think more affection and recognition would have in these Island would be the best editor. Without them, half of the content we consume would not exist and many of us would not have discovered someone if it were not for a summary of an edited live. We would all win, since on the one hand we have the recognition they need and on the other a plus in terms of the quality of working life of many.

Because yes, most of them are very underestimated and few are those who truly live comfortably editing videos for content creators . Among the nominees we could tell John Alexander, SGM, German or EME. For example, the latter has been (and continues) watching and summarizing the videos of Cause playing Elden Ring with Dena, a game that took him more than 400 hours and still goes up half a year later.

Better meme of the year

Another category brand of the house, I think you understand the affection for the memes by our writing . It is true that this section can be super abstract, but with certain limitations and guidelines we could see enough nominated. Obviously, one of the rules is to be in Spanish, since if we do it in general, it may lose that essence of union that the Island have. Among the nominations we could add any new of the beach bar, the are recording me, the shit dog, among many others.


Better cm of the year

Another position that has appeared most through our networks and less reward has is that of cm of an eSports team or a company related to this whole world . Many of them make a difference with incredible creations and great piques between communities, in addition to creating their own ecosystem within their own networks where engagement is superior to any other.

In this category we could mention Adrianceitor with KOI , Pablo with I, Internet , or installs with Team Heretics , but there are many who have an innate talent to create content with a brand and that we do not even know its name as the KFC cm.

Best video of the year

There are much talk about streamers, direct and Twitch events, per or it seems that the issue of making videos for YouTube is taken, less. The work of all of them is spectacular and although their work is recognized, it will be even more if we take it to the issue of getting an award.

Recaller, above all, that in this section we include videos exclusively made for the Google platform, that is, do not include direct videos re-updated or gods as such. Among the videos that have come out this year's, we can emphasize the report of World Crypto of Ta mayo, Slavery in the city without law , or even the rewind Hispano of each year (although in reality He would win this always) for obvious reasons.

There are many categories that could appear as new, but we believe that we have mentioned in this list are the ones that make the most weight if they really want to reward an entire world within the creation of content. Because it is not only the people who face their face, but also the people who are behind working and sweating the fat drop so that everything continues in front.


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