LOL: Great changes to the 'remake' and the 'surrender' will arrive in the 2023 preseason patch

Not all transformations that will reach League of Legends In the next update will be related to playability. Although the 2023 preseason will be the main course of patch 12.22, riot games will also introduce two very important changes in the systems that will make the life of the players much more pleasant. We refer to the adjustments to the remake and the surrender , since both the conditions to rebuild games when someone does not connect to the game and those necessary to finish them before the fall of the link will receive important modifications.

the definitive arrangement to the remake that the community has been waiting for years

Champions The option to rebuild games was already the protagonist in the previous version, in which their operating rules were changed. However, although Riot Games warned of the situation, in the past patch 12.21 there were no notable adjustments to the detection system. This means that, although there were more situations in which we could use the ‘remake’ function, the system continued to fail in rude ways . For example, in case the players were connected to the game it was impossible to cancel the game, even if they had not abandoned the base at any time.

From the next update, League of Legends will include what developers have defined as Fountain Check or, translated in a somewhat rudimentary way, Font verification. This tool will focus on checking if a player has left the base at some point in the game, allowing the ‘remake’ to be carried out in case he has not been long enough. Riot Games has not specified what the requirement will be, but it is expected that we can rebuild the game if someone has passed around 90 seconds of the first 3 minutes ‘AFK’.

Additionally, the company has modified its conditions of early surrender . In the event that the remake fails for any situation, the early surrender option will also be advanced. Until now, we had to wait at minute ten to grant the game. However, it will now be from the three and a half minutes that players can make their own link fall. We insist that this can only be done when we have an ‘AFK’ partner, staying in the 15-minute brand the option of ‘Surrender advance’ when all players are connected.

The goal of Riot Games with these changes that will arrive in League of Legends-except surprise-in the next 12.22 patch is double. On the one hand it is about improving the conditions of the tool to rebuild games and, on the other, of Allow players to escape the clashes at a numerical disadvantage that do not meet the requirements for the ‘remake’. Our colleagues may not have spent so long disconnected, that they leave a little later and do not apply for the remake or that the system fails. However, and although we may lose league and MMR points, we will not be trapped in an unpleasant game. A very good defense barrier .


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