Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Fan creates mod that solves one of the game's main problems

Available to Nintendo Switch users since November 18, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a new game Freak title, has been suffering from various criticism from the game's most fervent community; Despite this, the game oke sales records in less than three days.


The main reason for negative criticism is the game's graphics, which feature several expressive bugs, making some moments of the game without any movements, besides the 'glitches' presented by the characters.

Fortunately, a franchise fan has developed a mod that fixes such problems and allows users to enjoy the game without the frustration of oken movements or graphics that give the feeling of not being finalized.

enhanced visual

Through the social network Twitter, the user Theboy81 has published a mod that aims to end the 'suffering' of franchise fans.

In the video below, you can observe the mod working at 60 FPS.

The response of the players who tested the mod is unanimous: it makes the game much more fluid and viable, and greatly improves its visual quality.

Although MOD is not available on the user's social networks players who have had access to MOD agree the title of Game Freak does not work at the same level without the change process.

Unfortunately for Game Freak, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is the victim of a web review bombing (massive shipping of bad reviews). The reason for this wave, as explained above, is mainly due to the many bugs that the game finds.

Although, like every game, positive criticism also exists, the studio needs to implement a correction patch so that the game is up to the expected. This would also make fewer people looking for a way to ask for a newly released game reimbursement.


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