TFT Sep 8.0: Champions and synergies of the set revealed so far; See new units

Team fight Tactics, the Riot Games strategy game has revealed some information about set 8, including some new features, the theme that will be from heroes living in Petrópolis (main photo image) and the return of Star guardians . But apparently this is not all, because we now know all the characters and their respective synergies.

The new set 8.0 will arrive on December 7 , replacing the current 7.5: unexplored kingdoms, which has the dragon theme. BE players will be able to test the set from December 15. The official release will come at Patch 12.23.

All champions of set 8.0

Star guardians

  • Sandra
  • Lux
  • Echo
  • WELL
  • Nil ah
  • Aliyah
  • Kai'SA

Squad anima

  • Miss Fortune Back of Natalia
  • Jinx Feline de Batalha
  • Wayne Battle Bat
  • Silas battle
  • Riven Battle Bunny
  • Space wave

Underground (skins pay ops)

  • Kyle
  • Real
  • Samira
  • SON
  • SAW

Steadfast Ox Force (Skins Beast lunar)

Annie Aphelion

SET Diego

Cyber Skins

  • Leblanc
  • Camille
  • Soraya

Other champions revealed

  • Ashe project
  • Iblitzcrank
  • Benetton Project
  • Ram mus Guardian was Areas
  • Be veto
  • Yuri Hunter of Hearts
  • Sett Ranks Much
  • Lulu Monsters Donator
  • Aurelio Sol Senior was Ash
  • CHO path
  • Del'kHz
  • TAX
  • Yahoo
  • Flora

As we get more information, we will update the note to keep you informed about the new set, with images of characters, your skills and descriptions of your synergies and origins.


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