The best Pokémon to catch Pokémon in scarlet and purple

From legendary to Paradox Pokémon, you have a lot to catch to get everything you want in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple; Make it easier for you by carrying some Pokemon with you that have attacks and skills that make important Pokemon to be more convenient. Here is everything you need to know about the best Pokemon to catch Pokemon in scarlet and purple.

The best Pokemon to catch in scarlet and purple Pokemon

Pokemon games always recommend inflicting state conditions to wild Pokemon and reducing their HP to increase the probability of successful capture, so Pokemon here do exactly that.



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Paw mi not only has static as a skill, but also learns Nuzzle, so you will not have problems inflicting paralysis, a special condition that does not damage, in the Pokemon you want to catch. The special conditions that inflict damage, such as poison, are risky because they can knock out a wild Pokemon after escape from a Puebla. Paw mi is available near the dishes, so you can help you in your entire adventure in Pale. Once it evolves, unfortunately it loses static ability, so it is possible to give it an Ever stone.

Among Us

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Spore is the most precision movement to put Pokemon to sleep, and Among Us is a natural option to use it. The skills' regenerator is good when you need to change to let another Pokemon receive a blow while throwing parabolas, and you can return it with a little more health to restart the process. If you only find one with Effect Spore, that ability can put something to sleep or paralyze it before attacking.


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Scythe learns False Swipe while climbing level, so you don't have to go find the TM and the right Pokemon that can learn it. Using Scythe with the other Pokemon on this list allows you to have 1 HP Paralyzed Wild Pokemon, which maximizes your chances of catching them, although this is probably excessive against low-level Pokemon.


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Masque rain may seem an unusual option, but it can be very useful: it has to intimidate to prevent your team from being swept by a high-level wild Pokemon and learns the Soak movement. Since the grass types are not affected by Spore and the Electric and Ground types cannot be paralyzed by Nuzzle, changing these Water type Pokemon will save you headaches and poke balls.


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Bloom is a Spore user like Among Us, but he has access to Poison Heal: this ability allows you to intentionally poison your own Pokemon so that it cannot be burned, paralyzed or put to sleep for the same Pokemon you want to catch. Healing is very useful when you need to sport something several times. If you have the TM, Bloom learns False Swipe, which makes it a unique window to reduce the health of a wild Pokemon and inflict a special condition.

That is all we have in the best Pokemon to catch other Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple. Check out some of our other contents of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, as advice to overcome the Titan of the trembling earth, the Wastrel habitat and all the evolutions of Dusk Stone.

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