Be the Villain: Torture and Kill in the Hogwarts Legacy Combat Mode

In the School of Magic and Sorcery for young magicians, bic spells are learned, potions are elaborated, the broom flight is enjoyed, and the best spells are studied to defend themselves from the dark arts.


Some students access more forbidden knowledge, such learning the unforgivable curses. Hogwarts Legacy, the new production of Warner Bros. Avalanche, introduces an extra mode that allows... kill and torture, bically. The combat sand is an exclusive mode of the Deluxe edition of the video game, which h been shown in an extensive gameplay trailer. Using the curse Arvada Cedar, a young student murders his rival with a wand turn (the energy bar is reduced to zero instantaneously). There will be other non-human enemies, fanttic creatures who will face in a duel to death against our protagonist. This may also use the cruciate curse even against other students. The time of torture h arrived.

The Xbox One and PS4 version h been delayed

Since Hogwarts Legacy w announced, the title h been delayed several times. From the study they have confirmed that the versions of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5 and PC are already finished-are Gold-, so they will be available from February 10, planned.

However, the same will not happen with the title in the previous generation. Through a brief statement on social networks, the developer reported that they needed to invest more time in the versions of Xbox One and PS4, so that Hogwarts Legacy works well on all the platforms on which it leaves. Therefore, its new date is April 4. In addition, they have also revealed when it will be marketed in Nintendo Switch: July 25.


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