German AfD politician criticizes Bundeswehr soldier who streamed on Twitch.

In the article, we read about a new controversy in the German Underwear. An AFD politician criticizes a soldier who streamed on Twitch-a social media platform for watching livestreams and playing video games. The politician claims that this behavior implies that the soldier works for two jobs. This is an important topic to discuss at a time when many people are looking for extra income in their spare time, especially with such a high unemployment rate in Germany.

The AFD politician Martin Reinhardt has published a point of view write-up and talks regarding the situation of Anastasia Rose. The Underwear soldier was billed due to the fact that she was traveling on Twitch as a Jane during an ill leave. A couple of days earlier, we reported on Mango about an event in which a Underwear soldier was sued: The girl shows up under the artist name Anastasia Rose. She was taken legal action against due to the fact that she was probably dealing with Twitch streams during an ill leave and also contrary to the requests of a supervisor and also worked as a Jane. You can check out the full write-up below: Underwear soldier is displayed because she gets on Twitch as a Jane. Currently, an AFD political leader has actually discussed the topic (using everyday Martin Reinhardt is the state chairman of the AFD Saxony-Anhalt and rests for his event in the German Bundestag.

That actually serves whom?

Reinhardt draws a dark image of the state of the Underwear and society. He sees the incident around the Twitch banner as symptomatic for the state of the Underwear and also slams decisions of the Minister of Defense in recent times:

In a country in which protection ministers have favored to manage sex decolonization and particular niche policy for many years than with practical equipment of the army, in which it is better to hunt for supposed conservative extremists in the Underwear rather than acknowledging that the armed forces always It is likewise required to traditional values-in such a country, a situation similar to this is anything however unexpected. Reinhardt invokes an area of stress between liberal-individualistic and also conservative worth, which is particularly noticeable in military service.: He states that a society that puts a lot of value on uniqueness would bring about the soldiers put their own well-being over that of the Underwear they would certainly have devoted. In his post, Reinhardt mentions supposed right-wing extremists in the Underwear. Nevertheless, there have been confirmed incidents of right-wing extremism at the federal government in current years: below is a write-up by the Frankfurter Rundschau (via and a write-up by the German Well (via on the subject. Our society as a result relocates in the direction of extreme individualism. This in turn implies that individuals tend to often tend to supply their very own demands regarding that of the community. We have to take care of this area of stress here: a culture that has actually postponed its value corridor until now in the direction of extreme distinctiveness that every self-definition, nonetheless absurd it may be, must be acknowledged thus by society nearly instantly Additionally people that place their own well-being over that of a community who have dedicated themselves to offer. Reinhardt states that the acknowledgment of all self-definitions of individual people our inner as well as outside protection sabots in the lengthy run, given that it gradually deprives the worth of self-control, feeling of obligation as well as area. As an engine of this advancement, Reinhardt make up social media networks.


TikTok as well as Instagram particularly with a concentrate on appearances and followers bring about military service ending up being a sort of accessory-like a bag or a new layer.

AFD political leader implicates Twitch banner of using the Underwear as a glamour aspect

Reinhardt again names Anastasia Rose as an example. On Instagram she spotted a photo of herself upstairs on which she postures with a fire thrower. Armed forces solution as an appeal element, states Reinhardt. Additionally, Reinhardt suffices to underpin his message: Do not ask what your country can do for you-asks what you can do for your nation by John F. Kennedy. His conclusion: We require a very fundamental change in worth in order to lastly be able to safeguard our country efficiently as well as to enhance the cohesion of society.

In the end, a necessary upheaval of society is laid out right here due to the fact that a female might have broken the rules of the Underwear. Anastasia Rose herself stated to the indictment that she never concerned her appearances as an additional job (through She would certainly not get any type of cash for the appearances and do not act as a coordinator. She sees her work as a totally artistic one and would not have exposed her career in the Underwear to the public.


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