Han Dong -hoon, Minister of Gacha Game, can be legally responsible for. The Minister of Justice Han Dong -

The Minister of Justice Han Longhorn said on the 16th, We expect to be able to hold proper legal responsibility for false information and probability manipulation in Geisha Game.

The Ministry of Justice explained the 'Digital Content Contract Act', which is being prepared through the official SNS, and also expressed the expectation of Minister Han Longhorn.

According to the Digital Content Agreement Act, which was recently announced by the Ministry of Justice, if the function and quality of digital content contrary to the 'reasonable expectation of users in the trading hall,' the game company will be responsible for defending the defect. .

An official from the Ministry of Justice said, There have been cases where many game companies have been caught false of the probability of acquiring items, such as showing that game developers have a higher probability increase than actual probability. Although it was done, it was still complicated and clever, causing damage to users, but these acts were difficult to prove intentional and negligence, so it was not easy to ask for responsibility.

The core of the Ministry of Justice's amendment is △ Obligations for providing products and quality that are reasonably expected to providers (game companies) and during the contract period (or 'for a significant period') △ Digital products The regulations of the Korean defects are responsible for the establishment of a change in consideration of a unique property for digital products.

The current civil law was assumed that it was based on 'goods', making it difficult to apply directly to content and services that are not things. The amendment allows users (users) to claim the defect's correction if the digital product is defective. In addition, regulations have been prepared to claim, release and cancel the amount.

The Ministry of Justice also ensured the rights of the provider (game company) in line with the characteristics of digital technology. The amendment has established a right to change and provide from a reasonable range. The provider has a reasonable reason for the change of change in the contract, and there is a reasonable reason for the change, and △ notifying users of the purpose and contents within a considerable period of time before the change can exercise the change right.

Minister Han Longhorn said, We believe that the introduction of the digital content contract law will be able to protect users thicker in digital content-related transactions in the blind spots of the traditional contract law. We expect to be able to hold appropriate legal responsibilities for digital content that does not meet reasonable functions and quality, such as probability manipulation, etc.


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