Kingdom Underfire: Rise (Kingdom Under Fire 2) resurrected as a blockchain.

▲ Source: 4gamer YouTube In 2011, Kingdom Underwire 2, which was gathered by combining large-scale troop management systems that were rare in other online games with the best graphics at the time, with MMORPG. In Korea, the news that the Kingdom Underwire 2, which was criticized as a game show game, is resurrected.

Japan's blockchain company CRETE is on the 12th, on the 12th, 'Crete Summit 2022', which introduces its own blockchain project based on Locus Chain, on the 12th, Kingdom Underwire IP's new MMORPG 'Kingdom Underwire : 'Rise'.

In the announcement, Crete said, We are aiming to revive the pleasure of MMORPG into NFT. NFT, which may be the core of the game, is applied to the characters as well as the items. The trailer, which was released with the announcement, shows that you can freely switch to different classes such as spells, Berserker, and Gunslinger using NFT cards or trade freely with other players.

Kingdom Underwire: Rise is MMORPG, but it is a game that focuses more on PVP with other players than EVE with monsters. Various PVP modes, such as solo exhibitions and regional warfare, will appear, and you have to fight and win other players in order to become the best player of each season.


The more you win, the more you will be paid, and all game data except the NFT will be reset when the season ends.

Meanwhile, the release date of 'Kingdom Underwire: Rise' and other details about the game have not been released, and it is expected to be released later.


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