Ninja Must Die: The New Pandadagames Mobile RPG

Pandadagames announced on the 14th that it will launch its mobile side-scrolling learning action RPG Ninja Must Die.

Ninja Must Die, who was officially introduced today, is a mobile game where you can enjoy running action with the ninja story in the background of Wanking after the seal of On. The traditional ink painting and the combination of modern animation concepts contain oriental charms, and the colorful stroke expresses the character's running action to give visual satisfaction.

The game is short because it is short, so you can enjoy it lightly anytime, anywhere.


However, the visual fun and the fun of the control were melted into a short play time so that even simple plays were made with full fun and enjoyment.

In terms of content, various play methods and rewards have been provided, raising satisfaction. In addition to the basic story mode, there are various contents such as infinite rush mode specialized in running, boss battle mode with fierce battles with bosses, and tactical competitions with strategies to the sprint.

In commemoration of the launch, Ninja Must Die joins the official Never Lounge by December 28, presented a 10,000 won Google gift card to users who certify or shares them, and provide Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 by draw.

In addition, until December 31, if you shoot and authenticate game-related images and videos in downtown Seoul, or upload it as a special project through a separate editing, etc. In the participation, the Google Gift Card will be paid 10,000 won.

You can check the official community for more details about Ninja Must Die.


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