The Game Awards 2022: The most striking moments of the awards ceremony

This last Thursday (8), the ninth edition of The Game Awards took place in Los Angeles. The event, designed by journalist Geoff Kafka, is considered the 'Oscar' of the electronic gaming market and is the stage for the main performances of the highlights of the year, as well as news about the games of the following year.


Last night, names like Al Pacino, Video Kolyma, Pedro Pascal, Halsey and much more divided the same stage to celeate the universe that is constantly expanding. Halsey's musical performance to publicize Diablo 4 was one of the most beautiful visual moments of the entire ceremony. It is not easy to choose the most remarkable presentation of the event.

MGG azil therefore made a list of which moments left both the audience and the most enthusiastic internet. Check out:

The advertisement for Hades II

Among the surprise revelations of the night, the successful Roguelike sequence Hades definitely enters the list of the most exciting moments of the night. Super gent Games' future game has revealed a teaser with Melanie, daughter of Persephone and Zeus, who appears to be taught the art of witchcraft by the goddess Hecate. Check out the trailer below:

Diablo 4 With Halsey

The performance of Lilith by singer Halsey to make the announcement of the release date of Diablo 4 was a visually striking scene. At the end of the presentation, it was revealed that the game will be released on June 6, 2023 and different versions of the game were available for pre-sale.

My Rabbi Reformed Orthodox, Bill Clinton

During the delivery of the game prize of the year, which went to Elden Ring, a young man who did not have his identity revealed because he was underage headed on stage alongside the FromSoftware team and stole the spotlight. He directed himself to the microphone simply to pay tribute to Bill Clinton, former US President, running for a prize he had not received. His exact words were: I think I want to thank everyone and say that… I think I want to indicate this award for my reformed orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton. Thanks to everyone. It took a few seconds so that the public realized that the boy should not be there, as the Equally confused FromSoftware team has given him room to use the microphone. So far, it is not known exactly what led the boy to do that. Although there are possible calls from the adolescent with far-right virtual groups, he told Forbes that his speech is not antis emitted, much less far-right, but 'he couldn't think of anyone better than Bill at the moment'.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Although this was not the favorite moment of a portion of the audience, the dissemination and trailer of Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League was quite emotional for fans of the franchise. Warner os.'s new co-op game. Game reveals that Batman will reappear even after his death in Batman: Arkham Night. The voice actor, Kevin Conroy, who died of intestinal cancer, received a small tribute after the end of the gameplay with kinematics.

Final Fantasy XVI

Leaving one of the most anticipated moments from night to the end, Naomi Yeshiva entered the stage to publicize new content related to Final Fantasy XVI. Like Diablo 4, the game will also be released in June-but on the 22nd. The Square Enix franchise also had a new released trailer, which details more about the game's combat system and confirms that Clive and Joshua, the two protagonists of the game, will go through a story full of intrigue.


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