The Golden Jol Awards: Vote For Your Favorite Websites, Blogs & Writers

The Golden Jobs Awards is a poll of the best online content creators and bloggers. We know how hard it is to find quality sites to visit with so much material on the internet, and so we're providing you with an opportunity to vote for your favorite writers and blogs.

This year, the votes are open up until January 15 to permit you to quietly complete your backlog throughout the holidays prior to voting. Here are the categories:

Job d'or for finest video game

You can enact the following categories: 1. Video game of the year 2. Flop of the year 3. OST/ soundtrack of the year 4. Graphic instructions of the year 5. Narration/ situation of the year 6. Gameplay of the year 7. Game follow-up of the year 8. Studio of the year 9. Video game of next year Do you require inspiration? Do not think twice to reread the list of video games you played this year or to search the tests we have published.

Job d'or for the finest motion picture and the very best series

  1. Movie of the year
  2. Film 2023 the most anticipated
  3. Finest series
  4. Finest new series
  5. The most anticipated 2023 series
  6. Best producer/content diffuser
  7. Late discovery
  8. Cultural favorite
  9. Cultural dissatisfaction Do you require inspiration? Do not hesitate to reread the list of cultural works that you have actually found this year.


To your votes!


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