The Video game Awards All information about the show 2022 and Livestream

With The Video game Awards 2022, the last big occasion of the year is simply around the corner. As part of the event, nevertheless, not only the finest video games of the year are awarded, but also brand-new items are revealed.

As normal this year, moderator Geoff Kafka leads through the show again and brings a rather vibrant program to the phase. If you don't wish to miss this, you will find all the information about The Game Awards 2022 and when the live stream begins.

The Video game Awards 2022: When does the show take location?

The Game Awards 2022 will occur on December 8th-at least in the U.S.A. In Germany, nevertheless, there is currently December 9th, given that the night will already be opened due to the various time zones.

This implies that you need to remain awake for rather a long time or get up really early in order not to miss the live occasion:

  • Start: at 01:30 a.m. German time with a pre-show, from 02:00 a.m. the main program begins
  • End: The strategy is about 2.5 hours, which should end the centerpiece around 4:30 a.m

. If you decide to follow the show, you can win a Steam deck via Steam, by luck, with a little luck.


Where does the live stream to the Game Awards 2022 occur?

As in the previous year, you can follow the award ceremony reside on practically every platform. We list the best-known platforms for you:

  • The Video Game Awards on YouTube
  • The Video Game Awards on
  • The Game Awards on Steam
  • The Video Game Awards on Facebook

Which video games are nominated in 2022?

Various video games are granted the name of the event during the Video game Awards. This year there will be winners in a whopping 31 different categories. The highlight is naturally the Game of the Year, the very best video game of the year.

We have tape-recorded an introduction of the most important chosen games, in which God of War Ragnarök and Elden Ring in specific have different news.

What developments are displayed in the Game Awards?

In addition, Taken 8 and the Next-Gen variation of The Witcher 3 ought to likewise get new trailers during the show. With some fans there is likewise hope that from software and banzai NAMC will use the huge stage to reveal a DLC for Elden Ring. It stays to be seen whether this is truly the case.

In addition to the award ceremony, the Game Awards likewise serve one or the other publisher every year to present brand-new trailers or completely new video games. Likewise in 2022 there is no exception, although Geoff Kafka has actually up until now been holding back with precise details.

According to rumors, EA must still utilize the occasion for a second video game. According to the normally well-informed expert Jeff Grub, there will be a new trailer and a release date for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor throughout The Video Game Awards. Far, this has not yet been confirmed.

Another report aims towards Final Dream 16, which was just recently fueled once again. Naomi Yeshiva, the manufacturer of the upcoming role-playing game, will be present for a unique live presentation throughout The Video game Awards. The release date of Last Fantasy 16 may be announced.

It is already understood that there will be new video game product from the upcoming Dead Space remake during the Video game Awards. The material is apparently revealed in all IMAX specifically.


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