Markus Krösche Stands Up For Eintracht Frankfurt After Uli Hoeneß Criticizes Team's

When Eintracht Frankfurt played the Bundesliga top video game at FC Bayern on Saturday evening, there was temporarily heard voices from the guest block against UPI Honey.

The SGE fans reacted to statements by the FCB Honorary Presidential to whom Markus Roche likewise took a position. A week back, Honey had a lot of praise for the advancement of Contract in the Sport1 double Pass, however at the very same time attested her a viewer problem and aggressive audience, which was constantly great for riots. Roche reacted calmly on Sunday.


We as a club are in close exchange with the scene

A couple of things can happen every once in a while, that's not the case, said the Frankfurt sports director the day after the 1-1 attract the sold-out Munich arena. We as a club remain in close exchange with the scene. I believe that it says that we simply have impressive fans who really support us, who push us forward and which have a large part in the successes in recent years to have. Previously, Axel Hellman, the board spokesperson for Contract, had currently declined Honey 'criticism. We have established positively in the last few years, so I believe that from Honey is really exaggerated, he said in the program Sky90. This season alone, the Contract was currently fined by the DFB sports court due to viewers' offenses at a total height of around 300,000 euros. In addition, fatigue in the Champions League away video game at Olympic Marseille caused unfavorable headlines in fall. At that time, UEFA spoke out a fine of 45,000 euros and also enforced an away game without spectators and a fan part for a house video game fashion jewelry.


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