CrossfireX: Smilegate Announces the Closure of Multiplayer and Solo Campaigns - The Hecatombe Continues

The massacre of multiplayer video games continues at the start of the year. After Sublessee, Apex Legends Mobile, Dragon Mission The Adventure of Die: A Hero's Bonds, Echo VR or Knockout City, it is the turn of the FPS Crossfire to make arms.

Getting here at this choice was difficult, but we understand that Crossfire is not where we all desire it to be, read the game website. Launched on February 10, 2022, as an Xbox exclusivity, this Smile gate FPS based upon a flagship license in Asia has actually gone to say the least unnoticed and gathered typically lamentable notes in the specialized press. The closure of the servers being set up for May 18, its lifespan will for that reason have been one year and three months. The statement could have been as anecdotal as the game itself, but here it is, the particularity of Crossfire is that the multiplayer was accompanied by a solo campaign (output in 2 parts) established by Remedy Entertainment, studio popular for Max Payne, Alan Manage or wake.


Obviously reliant on the network facilities, this project will no longer be available to owners of the game from May 18, as the FAQ confirms without describing more about this anomaly. Even if it is clearly not his significant work, Solution Home entertainment will for that reason see a piece of work vanish definitively. Remember that the studio had announced that he had not received a royalty for his deal with Crossfire and Alan Wake Remastered during his last monetary outcomes, a consequence of insufficient sales for both of these jobs. Trailer

CrossFirex-Bande-Annonce of the project


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