FC Köln threatens Punishment: 1. FC Köln Issues Warning Against Hate Posters Targeting RB's Max Eberl

After the hate posters against RB s director Max Ebert, 1. FC Cologne threatens. The event was noted in the game report. Now there is a risk. The Pure Has, the RB s director Max Ebert on Saturday in the kind of abuse posters from Cologne supporters, might still have repercussions for FC. Due to the fact that referee Martin Petersen observed the event in the video game report-and thus put it on the program of the DFB.

posters leave Ebert back stunned

But should the referee currently needed to step in throughout the Bundesliga video game between 1. FC Cologne and RB Leipzig (0-0)? We discovered that posters were revealed, however we could not read what was composed there from the field, stated Petersen, the image said, after Perfume fans showed several insulting speeches versus Ebert and, among other things, buffooned his fatigue illness. If Petersen had read the texts, he would have considered steps and most likely also started them. It is controversial whether the DFB's three-stage strategy applies in this case, which provides steps from an arena announcement to the termination. Ebert, a minimum of, who is also little popular in Perfume since of his past at the arch-rival Playback, had reacted stunned to the posters. I would be interested to know whether these people understand what burnout means. Burnout suggests that people are spending themselves till they can no longer and beyond this point, said the 49-year-old.

Perfume Handling Director Keller asks forgiveness

Ebert had actually laid his post as managing director of at Borussia Mönchengladbach in January 2022 and had seriously considered with RB in December 2022 after a break and self-discovery stage. However, since his return to professional football, he has found out as much hatred and aversion as on Saturday in Perfume. The FC consequently apologized, Managing Director Christian Keller (43) made it clear that the posters past the FC were not given the arena: If individuals are victimized, these are not the values of 1. FC Cologne. Ebert's libel also caused a stir in Bundesliga competitors, BVB s director Sebastian Keel described the posters at WFLD-TV as not portable.

not the very first case of hate posters in the Bundesliga

When fans of Borussia Mönchengladbach revealed broken post against Ebert in the video game versus Leipzig, in September there was a comparable case. At that time, the arena representative warned the fans to hang a poster, otherwise referee Patrick Dietrich would disrupt the video game. The three-stage strategy states that criticism in the form of transparent or speech choirs can be really direct, disrespectful, unmatched or unappetizing without the game being interrupted.


This is only possible with personified hazards of violence, such as a single person in the crosshairs. Such a crosshair banner had been in Hanover in 2020.

At that time, the now deceased Red Bull creator and RB proporter Dietrich Mateschitz was the goal of the 96 fans, even figured out the cops. Hoffenheim-owner Dietmar Hope was likewise disparaged in the very same way. Playback had been fined after the incident in September. What the FC is now threatening for the effects is still unclear.


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