How to Quickly Reach the Hospital Wing in Hogwarts Legacy Using Floo Flame Teleports

Hogwarts Legacy has several Floo Flames teleports that you can detect and use to quickly move between its numerous locations. In the hospital wing located in the southern wing of the castle, there is also a location of the fireplace flame. However, unlike most other locations in the game, the hospital wing is in the forbidden zone with many locked doors and puzzles. You cannot just muddle. Therefore, you will probably be interested in how to get into the hospital wing in Hogwarts's Heritage. To unlock the teleport Flame of the chimney of the hospital wing, you need to perform one of the main plot quests of the game. This quest will not only teach you a very useful spell for hacking locks, but will also show how to steal in the forbidden areas in the castle, using secrecy and distracting attention.

how to get into a hospital wing

The only way to gain access to the hospital wing in the Hogwarts Heritage is to fulfill the lunar cry of the quest caretaker.

However, there are several preliminary conditions before you can start a quest. You first need to carry out a trial of Persian Rehab, another plot quest.


You should also be at least 14 levels. Speak with Glad win Moon, the caretaker of Hogwarts, next to the reception room to start the lunar cry of the caretaker. He will ask for your help to remove the half-mask of the moon around the castle before learning you an alochomorazaklination, which gives you the opportunity to open the locked doors and chests. The lunar cry of the caretaker pursues two goals. You need to enter the bathroom of prefects and a hospital wing to get two Moon of Demigod. Since these are zones of limited access, you need to make sure that no one will catch you. If you are caught, you will have to start again.

Use Revelry and Disappointment to remain unnoticed

When you enter the faculty tower, you will see a staircase. Make sure that they threw Revelry to identify students or teachers in front of remain unnoticed. You also need to disappoint the charm to remain invisible. The spells act only for a short time, so either hurry up, or find a suitable place to refresh your spell of invisibility before moving on. Go up to the first staircase, and you will find a student looking at one of the heads of the Hogwarts Heritage. You can either wait until the student leaves before opening the door behind several chests (and awards), or ignore it and continue climbing the stairs. Now you will see how Professor Weasley and Sharp talk in front of a locked door. This is a 3rd-level door that you cannot open with the 1st level spell, so ignore them and sneak to the stairs to the right. You need to be invisible here using the spell of disappointment so that you are not found.

Enter the Elder Bath

Continue to climb the spiral staircase, and you will come to another student patrolling the territory. The prefect bath is located to the right of you. You need to open this door using Alochomor. However, wait for the student to leave. You can also take it away from the door by creating a distraction. The moon-half-beam is at the end of the bathroom. You need to go on the left side to get a statue to avoid students on the right. Make sure you are not making sound and hidden.

Enter the Hospital Wing

Leave the prefect bathroom and go to the right to climb the stairs. When you get to the top, you unlock the Foo Flames location in the hospital wing. You will hear Professor Garlic talking to his students to the left of you. The second crescent is already here. Met into invisibility to pick up the subject, and then return to Gavin. Please note that several teachers and students will go along the stairs. You need to be invisible and silent to avoid them on the way back. After you return to GLAD VIN, to complete the quest, you can get into the hospital wing at any time using the teleport Flame of the fireplace.


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