Now, nearly 24 years later, Harry Potter is a worldwide phenomenon and finally there is a game that let you explore the magical world of Hogwarts. Try Hogwarts Legacy and Finally Walk Through Hogwarts Castle!

Teacher Fig is at our side as a mentor. Source: This trick, nevertheless, gives the developers a great advantage, which is also consistently executed. So we don't have to handle the knowing of basic magical knowledge for numerous years. Both we and our fellow humans are already dominating the primary spells.


As a newcomer in Hogwarts, we discovered them over the previous summer together with Eleazar Fig, one of the professors in Hogwarts. In the first chapter, which serves as a sort of tutorial, Teacher Fig keeps reminding us of the learned magic, and we get quickly and briefly described how it is used. This is sufficient and looks considerably more immersive than if we had to practice in the classroom for hours or even master any spell right away-we are not a Hermione Granger. The big hall is highly reminiscent of the movies in some details. Source:

dragons, goblins and betrayal

In the first chapter, we really desire to take a trip to Hogwarts together with Professor Fig to take part in the introductory ceremony at the start of the academic year. The journey takes us through detours into the dungeon of Gringos, where we collide with Rank, a nasty goblin that is much better understood than our professor. Rank exists to us as the primary villain really early. Source: Here we are introduced straight to the later primary story. Since Hogwarts Tradition plays at the time of the goblins in the 19th century, whose bloody history we already discover in Harry Potter a minimum of partially. At this moment, obviously, we do not yet know what it is all about, what we experience in the intro. Gringos, ruthless goblins, assaulting dragons, strange port stones, a lot more mysterious old magic for our protagonists is all rather confusing than obvious. And so we are also happy when we finally come to Hogwarts and start the real game.

fan service?

Yes, please! It displays in the very first couple of minutes what is coming throughout the game. Fans of the magical Harry Potter world acknowledge countless names, spells and artifacts directly. On the one hand, this is clear, of course, Hogwarts Legacy plays in the exact same world as Harry Potter. In lots of locations, however, the designers thrown into an additional part of fan service. Hogwarts Castle looks as picturesque as fans imagine. Source: This guarantees that fans of the series point more than once with their fingers on the screen and are pleased about a little thing that has been implemented and incorporated by the designers appropriately. It begins with making use of a thinking and continues through the inner life of Gringos to countless smaller sized Easter Eggs. Example enjoyable? At the start of the brief journey, we get in a horse-free carriage after an attack in which we have to experience the death of a magician through a kite, we then acknowledge the thistle in front of the carriage. Such details may only be little things in the eyes, however they make sure a high immersion and invoke a smile on Harry Potter fans. Not to forget, of course, that pretty much every information that has actually ever been discussed in the books has been carried out in the style of the world-from groaning approximately well-known magicians.

the speaking hat and me

Afterwards, the game starts with the introductory ceremony and the department of the brand-new trainees. After we got to understand the new headmaster Phineas Nigel Black, who is just as understanding as his painting later on recommends, we get the talking hat on the head. The speaking hat advises a house decision for us. Source: With some, couple of questions, this tries to recognize our choice and after that wishes to designate us to a home. Nevertheless, we also have a say in there. The hat recommends a house, but the choice lies with us at the end of the day. So we do not always need to respond to correctly, however just choose our favorite house. And after that daily school life finally begins! Page 1 Hogwarts Legacy in the test: A dream for fans! Page 2 Hogwarts Tradition in the test story and gameplay Page 3 Hogwarts Tradition in the test functions and examination Page 4 photo gallery for Hogwarts Tradition in the test: Excellent play and a dream for fans! Next page next page To the gallery to the homepage

When an inconspicuous book called Harry Potter and the stone of the smart guys appeared in the bookshops in 1997, hardly anyone might have accepted what success story would be around the potential magician. Seven books and 8 films later, quite much everyone in the world knows the name Harry Potter. Countless fans were fevered from book to book and discussed the most different theories in the early Web for the more course of the story and the motivations of numerous characters. The book and film series was so effective, specifically because it was not merely limited to a story, however understood the world around it like hardly any other dream series. As a reader, we not just followed a story, but were part of a whole world. We tired in class, invested the evenings in the typical room and drove around in the castle at night. Harry Potter's world was so well-built and explained in great information that you could feel at house. Once more to get a letter themselves and take the journey to Hogwarts, rather a few of us have actually probably envisioned. This is exactly what we can lastly do with Hogwarts Legacy (purchase now EUR 59.99)!


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Enjoy Hogwarts impartially

Given that the statement by Hogwarts Tradition, the delight of finally being able to walk through the halls from the school for witchcraft and magic has been terrific. There have been one or the other game in the Harry Potter universe in the past 20 years, but none were at the high level that Triple-A games can offer today. When the very first information was slowly coming up, the hype rose even further. In the previous couple of weeks and months, however, I have actually decided to bypass the final reporting around Hogwarts Legacy as far as possible. Obviously I still got the leaks, a few of the painted functions and other criticism. However, that doesn't matter to me. Since at the end of the day I desired to play (and assess) Hogwarts without being affected by anything beforehand. Similar to a Muggle born, little kid who sees the wizard world for the first time.

Of course, this becomes hard when someone who checks out all seven books at least once a year (or enjoys as an audiobook). Hogwarts Castle looks extremely vibrant and inhabited. A lot of students do not respond to us. Not even when we maltreat them with magic. Source:

our magical alter ego

Our journey into the magical world begins... of course with the character editor. This does not stick out favorably or negatively, but offers the scope that can be gotten out of a role-playing video game of this size. In addition to various, premade characters, we can adapt our trainee in a variety of ways-from the shape of the face to hairstyle, hair color, eye color to scars and other details. Incidentally, the game does not distinguish between female and male. Every face can be packed into any body shape and even the manly outside can be coupled with a really womanly voice. In the end, however, we have to decide between wizards and witches. This option not only affects which dormitory we will be accommodated in the future, however also how other characters address us. The fact that we as a female figure (female characters use a different school uniform when picking) as a male magician can identify one or the other, maybe-but no relevant impact on the video gaming experience. Source: Source:

directly into the magic

When our magical modify ego is produced, it goes directly into the world of magic. Long pretense is not the premise of the game, and so we likewise begin directly with our tape-recording to the 5th school year of Hogwarts. Why we entered into the wonderful world so late is to be found in the course of the game. At the beginning, however, we are still in the dark.

2.2 Hogwarts and the lands... 3. 2.3 Expelling, Stupor and Petrifies Totals! 3. 3.3 Not every grip is golden... 4. 3.4 Fa zit: A dream!


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