Page Title: Riot Games Ends Lux's Reign as Most Skinned Champion in League of Legends

For a long time, League of Legends players have criticized Riot Games for giving more skins to certain champions. A choice that is often based on the popularity of the characters and that, therefore, is logical on the part of the study.


The monetization of the game is essentially based on the sale of these aspects, and in many situations the developers resort to these characters for the themes of their skins

Lux loses its throne

Lux has always been a favorite character in Riot Games, along with HRI. The Light of Light is still the champion with more aspects in the invoked crack and even generating hundreds of memes every time they have taken a skin, or have snorted to this champion. But this domain will end with the arrival of patch 13.5 and the new skins lines. In less than two weeks, Miss Fortune will receive two new aspects: Miss Fortune Albania Queered and Miss Fortune Creek Alliance Prestige edition. With a total of 19 different aspects, the shooter surpasses Lux, which has 18 different aspects.

To make the situation even more unfair, all the ancient aspects of MF have recently redesigned, it will also have two aspects of prestige when the 13.5 patch arrives and, as a cake of the cake, it also has a definitive skin, just like Lux. To make a summary, the 10 League of Legends champions that have received the most skins so far that we write these articles are: Miss Fortune: 19 skins Lux: 18 skins HRI: 16 skins Alkali: 16 skins Caitlyn: 16 skins REAL: 16 skins Riven: 16 skins Civil: 16 skins Annie: 15 skins Ashe: 15 skins As for the champions that has fewer skins, logically without having the most recent ones, there are several characters such as Kindred or Red'SAI, which are little considered by Riot Games since each one only has four. Entering the abyss, champions like Led and Aurelio Sol appear, both came out almost 7 years ago (2016), and that for now they only have three.


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