Where to Find the Jobarbille in Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Your Bestiary Collection of 13 Magical Creatures

Among the 13 magic creatures to find to complete your collection in Hogwarts Tradition, the Jobarbille is special. It is opened after the conclusion of the primary quest Left, the capture bag and the loom and can be found in various locations. Newport which you will choose, Moon of these creatures should anticipate you. As soon as in his den, it just stays to catch him to contribute to his collection and be able to inhabit later on.

Where are the heights of the Jobarbille?

Jobarbille can be found in 5 different places in Hogwarts Legacy.


These dens show up on the map if you have actually currently passed nearby, however are rather far from the castle.

North Ford Marie

Beecroft area

Grottaleau lake


Point du Manor


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