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Delay is a 5-star Pro character included as component of Genshin Impact's variation 3.5 upgrade. Below's our guide to assist you with the finest skills and team comps for Delay in Genshin Impact.

Gen shin Impact-Dehya's skill priorities

Elemental Ability: Molten Snake pit (following priority) - Develops an area-of-effect aura, with a 2nd cost that can be made use of afterward, triggering a diving strike. Once every 2.5 seconds), enemies that take damages within this field will trigger a worked with Pro AOE assault based on Delay's ATK and also max HP (can happen. Furthermore, other characters within the field become immune to disturbance, and a section of the damage they take will instead be funneled onto Delay, that'll lose a little HP in their stead.


Elemental Ruptured: Leonine Bite (leading priority) - Becomes resistant to disruption as well as not able to make use of all various other capabilities; you may just do a flurry of punches, followed by a diving assault. All of these hits deal Pro damages, as well as scale off her ATK as well as max HP statistics. Lastly, Delay will certainly develop one more Molten Inferno (important skill aura) at the end of this sequence. This is thought about the very best ability top priority for Delay in Genshin Impact, as this is where many of her DPS will come from.

Regular Attack: Sandstorm Assault (ignore) - This just increases the damages of Delay's typical, billed, and also diving assaults.


  • Unstinting Comfort - After recasting the Molten Inferno mood, Delay will certainly take 60% much fewer damages from the funneling/mitigation mechanic. After casting her skill, all party participants become even more immune to disruption while they're within the AOE area.
  • Stalwart as well as True - When Delay's HP is listed below 40%, she'll recover 20% of her max HP and also an added 6% every 2 seconds for the following 10 secs.
  • The Sunlit Way - +10% movement rate for all event participants during the day (0600 to 1800); only services the over world map, not in domains/Spiral Abyss.

Delay's best group comps

When speaking concerning the finest team comps for Delay in Genshin Impact, we'll have to consider her role in your team, as well as her total set. Worse, HP-focused personalities, such as Zwingli and Kokomo, fulfill their particular specific niche roles a lot more properly, whereas it's hard to pinpoint what Delay ought to be.

Evaporate or Thaw compensations -These arrangements will call for either a number of Hydro personalities (i.e., Mona, Xingu, Elan, Amato, or Kokomo), or a number of Cry characters (i.e., Ayala, Gansu, or Diana). The last port can be an AEMO character for Swirls (i.e., Keisha or Vent).

All the same, if you want to get the most out of Delay in Genshin Impact, you can see our various other guides for her best weapons as well as the finest artifacts.

When talking about the ideal group compensations for Delay in Gen shin Effect, we'll have to consider her duty in your team, as well as her overall package. Worse, HP-focused characters, such as Zwingli as well as Kokomo, satisfy their particular specific niche functions much more effectively, whereas it's hard to pinpoint what Delay should be.

Additionally, various other characters within the area come to be resistant to disruption, as well as a portion of the damage they take will instead be funneled onto Delay, that'll shed a bit of HP in their stead.

Mono Pro compensations -This group has Pro support or sub-DPS personalities essentially (i.e., Bennett and Xi angling), as well as an AEMO (i.e., Keisha or Vent).

Burgeon compensations -Burgeon calls for Pedro to respond with Hydro, creating a flower, which will certainly after that take off by means of a Pro capability. Your optimal choice for a Pedro character ought to be Bahia (if you have her) or the Pedro Tourist (as the following finest choice).

Delay is a 5-star Pro personality added as part of Gen shin Effect's variation 3.5 update. Below's our guide to assist you with the ideal abilities and also team comps for Delay in Gen shin Influence.


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