Destiny 2: Lightfall DLC - Best Void Hunter Compilation for the Strand Subclass

The Destiny 2 DLC Nightfall was launched, and together with it comes a new subclass of darkness, Strand. However, until Strand's power is completely dominated, you probably stay with your Light subclasses. Void Hunters, in particular, are a solid option to use in Nominal, the new destination. So today, let's talk about what the best version of Void Hunter is for Destiny 2: Nightfall.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Best Empty Hunter Construction

Image source: Bungee through With the Exotic chest piece, Gyrfalcons Hauberk, Void Hunters has become a teacher in the use of volatile rounds, which generate vacuum explosions by defeating enemies. The Void subclass also received a lot of first-level season modifications to work, which gave it an advantage over other subclasses this season. With that in mind, we want to capitalize on our ability to keep the activity time high while we keep our volatile rounds.

The armor mods are as follows: Helmet: Vacuum Siphon X1, Heavy ammunition search engine X1, Ashes to Assets X1 Arms: Fire Power X2, Reinforcement Detonation X1 Chest: loaded x1, shock shock power x1 Legacy: Recovery x1 Class element: Bombarded X1, Dilatation of time x1, utility Kick start X1 With these mods, we can keep our skills regeneration high, which is key since the Falcon Germinate camisole revolves around you dodging a lot to activate volatile rounds. Speaking of that, these are the weapons that we will use while the volatile rounds are active:

The best vacuum hunter weapons

Image source: Bungee through Since we are using volatile rounds, we must use vacuum weapons to shine effectively. Any vacuum weapon will work well with this construction, but to achieve the most efficient results, SMG and LMG will provide the greatest benefit, since you can continue to spray enemies with ease. Void SMG as Funnel web (the image above) and forgiven will provide the best results, but any other will work with the same efficiency. LMG as commemoration (the image above) or corrective measure of the glass vault incursion will provide even more notable results, since they can harm the enemies more tanks without problems. In general, Void Hunters have many options to work with during Season of Defiance and Nightfall, and until Strand can dominate, they will have no problem cutting content with this compilation.


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