Student Punished for Striking Teacher After Nintendo Switch Was Removed in Classroom

Something that is well known worldwide, is that in schools either public or private, certain established rules must be followed, otherwise learning could not be optimal for all students.


And clearly, playing video games in the middle of the class has been basically prohibited since portable consoles began their boom. Thus, in Stanzas High School in Florida something happened that can be considered unusual, since a teacher withdrew his 17-year-old student his Nintendo Switch console for using it in the middle of the class. Only, that when leaving the respective hour, the boy ran Curicó to the teacher to not only remove the device back, but to hit him a beating. As shared through the networks, a video of the security cameras was recorded in which CIO rammed the woman and on the ground has hit him until he is unconscious. Despite staying in that state, he continued with his punch and when he was detected by the people of the place they have tried to separate him, since he could go to more serious consequences. Flagler County authorities have arrested the child's child for aggression and severe body damage, and at the moment the verdict by the jury is being seen. The saddest of all are two things: the first is that the teacher's state of the teacher is not yet known, the second, the young man is determined to end the life of the woman for having removed the console. Via: Twitter Editor's note: In the United States people are very aggressive to the slightest provocation, especially when people feel offended with respect to their ethnicity. There are also strong psychological problems, so it is obvious that the boy needs help.


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